Mediterranean- Sketchbook.

Sketches from a current exhibition at the Caixa Forum; 'Mediterranean. From Myth to Reason'. 

The designs on the ceramics were what mainly caught my attention, such as in the drawing above.

I was more interested in drawing the 'back' of this hydria and not the main display image which was painted on the front. A hydria is type of greek pot made for carrying water, the above hydria is from southern Italy.

The pots were skillfully crafted, the patterns elegant and sophisticated. I found the designs also very formalised with the same elements repeated and re-combined between pots and across whole centuries. The standardisation of the design would have made the pots easier to produce in greater numbers and help standardise its's labour and commerce, but the result is also a coherence between the objects and the creation of a 'style' which we easily recognise today as 'Ancient Greek'.

Despite the 'styles'; the pots exhibited a great diversity of form and decoration.

The main illustration painted onto the ceramics depicted scenes from myths, but often banquets or celebrations, in which the ceramics would mostly have been used.