Palm tree pattern.

Pattern design inspired by the relief decorations in plaster and stone of the Alhambra in Granada.

A sketch and drawing of a column of the Alhambra. Many of the decorative elements in the stone and plaster work are poems and mottos written in calligraphy stylised to suggest vegetation, referencing the the palace gardens:

Sketches date palms from Tarifa and Barcelona:


Five Wounds: Visual Communication.

Jonathan walker has written an article on the 'Design of Five Wounds: An Illuminated Novel', featured in Visual Communication (May 2013 vol. 12 no. 2 217-241), a leading academic journal on visual studies.

Page from Five Wounds, page layout (Zoë Sadokierski), illustartion (Dan Hallett) scripted & written by jonathan Walker.  

"In recent ‘hybrid novels’, which incorporate illustrations and other visual material as an integral part of the narrative, design is not just a matter of typography and layout. Rather, design organises all the signifying elements on a page within an integrated system, so that form exemplifies content. In this reflective practitioner article, the author uses his novel Five Wounds as a case study of this approach to design."