Motion-Picture Cameras (Georges Méliès).

Drawings of motion-picture cameras on display at an exhibition in the Barcelona 'Caixa Forum' about Georges Méliès (1861-1938) . I was surprised to learn that most of the films by Méliès were melted down by the French army to extract the silver and celluloid for making boots and other military equipment during the war.

The remainder of his negatives and costumes were destroyed by Méliès himself after becoming disheartened with his work by economic disaster, war and a badly negotiated contractual agreement in which gave the deeds to his house and studio to the film studio he worked for. 

Georges Méliès is now recognised as one of the most important pioneers of film and credited in the exhibition as introducing "dreams, magic and fiction to cinema". His should be a lesson to all creatives; always make sure you sign a contract with full knowledge and acceptance of it's conditions, and don't destroy your own work, you never know what value it may have. 

Below are some clips from a (well known) hand-colored film by Méliès from 1902, with the addition of some modern music


'Decoration'. Automatic Drawing (Doodle).

Automatic drawing which began with an observational drawing of the dice and wooden figure pictured. 


Filogis: Translation and Philanthropy.

Illustration for Filogis Multilingual Services. The work of associations such as 'Translators Without Borders' play an important role in overcoming the presumed difficulties of linguistic and cultural differences.


Michael D’Onofrio

Postcard designs commissioned by the historical restoration and construction firm Michael D'Onofrio.

Below are some of my initial proposals.