Filogis newsletter; 'screenplay' translation.

Illustration for Filogis to accompany an article on a new translation of the bible into a screenplay format.


I Feel Tower...again.

I'm grateful to 'eat sleep draw' for recently posting some of my illustrations; it has resulted in a surge of traffic to my blog, so I thought I should re-post one of the illustrations that so many people are coming here via:

The illustration was inspired my Vitruvianesque studies of postures and movements of the human body. 
These images were published as double page spreads in my comic EL GLOBO:

My original sketches:

Reference material: Photo by Aleksandr Rodchenko. Guard at the Shukhov Radio Tower, Moscow. 1929. Sketches from the Zoology museum.

Another in the series. The more surreal illustrations were created as a kind of 'allegory'

Unaware at the time, these ideas and diagrams were helped by the illustrations from fencing manuals that Jon sent as reference for the illustration below, from Five Wounds: