Cartesian Blues.

The author Jonathan Walker recently revealed details on his blog of the two projects he, and I, are currently working on.

'Reciprocity Failure'. A novel set in Venice and Sydney. Illustrated with Jon's own photographs. The description sounds intriguing: "the opposition between the Apollonian and Dionysian to explore the relationship between artistic inspiration and sexual obsession".

The second book is etitled 'Cartesian Blues'. An autobiographical 'graphic memoir' which I am illustrating. This book, which will be my third (and most ambitious) collaboration with Jon, explores themes such as empathy, consumerism, fetishism, identity and 'Cartesian dualism'- the idea that the body and mind are two separate entities; a theme which the philosopher René Descartes (famous for the phrase: "I think, therefore I am") had a particular interest in.

The completion date for 'Cartesian Blues' is mid 2013.

A bust of René Descartes by Paul Richer. The sculptor reconstructed the face using the contours of the skull of René Descartes, 263 years after the philosopher's death, to supposedly prove that the skull was authentic and once belonged to René. The concept of Paul Richer's sculpture had nothing to do with 'Cartesian dualism', but lends itself well to the idea. Also looks good on my blog. 

Character studies in my sketch book for Jon's 'body' in 'Cartesian Blues'.  

Jon has published posts on his blog discussing the ideas, music, books and films that have influenced both 'Cartesian Blues' and 'Reciprocity Failure'.

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