Pistols! Calligraphy.

A page of dip pen caligraphy for the title on the frontispiece of 'Pistols! Treason! Murder!'. The swear word was unintentional.

The text within the comic strips was not calligraphic, but drawn with a rotrin pen to imitate a dip pen:

I hand drew the lettering copying a printed type from the 1600s from a contemporary news reports on the gunpowder plot; below is a kind of newspaper poster, in which it is reported that God himself exposed the explosives planted under the House of Lords.

Jon also needed a writing style imitating the protagonist Vano's own hand writing, to use for his quotes:


Textiles- sketch book.

It is widley thought that Damask fabrics were first introduced to Europe by Marco Polo, returning from his travels. Below is a damask textile design I created for a client: