Below is a comic I wrote using the technique of 'cut-ups': literally taking a piece of text and cutting it up and putting the parts back together at random. The drawing were created to fit the resulting text.

This comic was published in Decadence anthology 5. Maybe some 5 years ago now. I was introduced cut-up technique by the work of William Burroughs, who's work was the main influence of my final project as a student. Here is a video in which Burroughs explains cut-ups:

Illustrations of William Burroughs from my student days:

Burroughs appearing in my 'Interzone' drawing.

The Da-daists and the surrealists used cup-up and some of David Bowie's songs were written using cut-up's:

David Bowie Method from FAB on Vimeo.


Watch your language.

An illustration created for 'Filogis Multiligual Services' to accompany an article on the announcement by the European Commission that it will invest more in the teaching of languages.

Talking from my own experience; the best way to learn a foreign language is attempting to communicate with speakers of that language. Language is, after all, a social tool.



...A Sketch book doodle. I’m currently reading a book from Frank Herbert’s Dune series.


Scarab. Field notes.

An unidentified scarab I came across on the way home from work, cutting through the woods.


UFO day.

According to the Wikipedia, today is 'World UFO Day'. Below is a double page spread from my strip 'Sputniks' which appeared Decadence.

Below is a nicely illustrated news report from 1655 of the celestial phenomenon which appeared over Basel in Switzerland: