Decadence issue 9

The latest issue of Decadence comic book anthology is now available! To celebrate the release of issue 9, a launch party will be held this friday at Orbital Comics in London. I have copied below the details from their web:

On Friday June 15th, Orbital will be hosting the launch party for the nineth issue of the underground comics anthology Decadence Comics.

Decadence #9 features contributions from Sebastian JeffordJon ChandlerEmix RegulusLandoLeon SadlerStathis TsemberlidisSimon Moreton and Dan Hallett.
This will be a rare opportunity to see both founders of Decadence Comics – Lando and Stathis Tsemberlidis – in one place, and must not be missed.
Decadence covers from issue 1 to 9, by Lando and Stathis. I think I started contributing strips at issue 3.

Immortality by Sole and The Skyrider Band. Video created by LANDO, sci-fi artist and co-founder of Decadence comic. Hand drawn and animated using old school stop-motion technique. A lot of sweat & ink went into this, respect is due. Great work Lando!


SIMON W said...

so there

Dan Hallett said...

Glad you'll be there!
I'm sorry to say that I can't make it, but I'll be there in spirit and in comic.
Have a good one.