'Five Wounds' Video.

The publisher of the Chinese edition of 'Five Wounds', Azoth Books, has made this video. Unfortunately I don't know understand what is being said, but it looks quite in-depth and I'm sure that it is very interesting:

For English speakers; here is an interview Jonathan Walker gave for The Wheeler Centre:

If you would like to watch other videos about the book 'Five Wounds' Jon has some here.
I have plenty of articles on this blog about creating the illustrations for Five Wounds.


Lost in Translation.

"Respectez la casse" meaning 'case sensitive' in French, alternatively it's literal translation in English is "Respect the scrapyard".

I created these illustration for 'Filogis Multilingual Services'. They highlights the sometimes unexpected outcome of translating from one language to another, which anybody who has used 'google translate' would understand. I will be contributing regularly to the site, so watch this space.


Decadence issue 9

The latest issue of Decadence comic book anthology is now available! To celebrate the release of issue 9, a launch party will be held this friday at Orbital Comics in London. I have copied below the details from their web:

On Friday June 15th, Orbital will be hosting the launch party for the nineth issue of the underground comics anthology Decadence Comics.

Decadence #9 features contributions from Sebastian JeffordJon ChandlerEmix RegulusLandoLeon SadlerStathis TsemberlidisSimon Moreton and Dan Hallett.
This will be a rare opportunity to see both founders of Decadence Comics – Lando and Stathis Tsemberlidis – in one place, and must not be missed.
Decadence covers from issue 1 to 9, by Lando and Stathis. I think I started contributing strips at issue 3.

Immortality by Sole and The Skyrider Band. Video created by LANDO, sci-fi artist and co-founder of Decadence comic. Hand drawn and animated using old school stop-motion technique. A lot of sweat & ink went into this, respect is due. Great work Lando!