Textiles in Catalonia- Colonia Güell.

In 2010 I decided to begin a drawing project documenting the history and impact of the textiles industry in Catalonia; where I work as a textile designer.

I began with the utopian workers' colony of Colonia Güell. Brain child of industrialist Count Eusebi de Güell. He wished to build a town next to his textile factory, which would accommodate the worker's every need. The town included a school, library, bars and parks.

The town is of special interest because Güell commissioned architects of the expressive modernisme movement, including Antoni Gaudí  who designed the church. Only the crypt was finished, but it is a work in which Gaudí had complete creative freedom and, presumably, quite a big budget. The crypt is built with a variety of materials which create textures and contrast with one another, including slate, brick, stone, iron, coloured galss and decorative mosaics.




On the road outside the town is the ruin of a manor house. I found this also very interesting to draw, although I do not know if it had any relation to Güell or the textile industry.

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Dan Hallett said...

Update: The ruin I drew is called the 'Torre de Salvana', the original defensive tower dates back to the 14th century. Just found out that it is also referred to as 'The Castle from Hell' due to the legends and paranormal anecdotes surrounding it. I didn't have any paranormal experiences, just a creepy feeling, and slightly unnerved by being within an unstable building.