First years in Spain.

After finishing studying illustration at the Cambridge School of Art I worked for a stint in a comics shop, after deferring for a year my M.A. at St.Martin's as I was already skint after studying a degree. I then deferred the M.A. for a second year and emigrated to Spain, originally intending to stay for six months.

For the first couple of years I lived in a rural area of Tarragona, before moving closer to Barcelona to work in textiles. During this time time I painted and sketched subjects inspired by the flora and fauna of the area, which was new to me.


This is a seed pod from a magnolia tree which are planted along the roadside in the village where I lived. I painted and sketched a few of these at various stages of their development; changing from lime to dark brown, in which time the bright red seeds are expelled, suspended on thin silky threads.


This was painted from life. A Gecko lizard that I found under the sink. I painted two small canvases, one of which I sold in a local exhibition.


This painting was based upon drawings made in my sketchbook of the grasses and plants.



Above are examples of the more surreal paintings I created at the time, both of these are about a meter high. These types of paintings were based upon doodles from my sketch book. Below is a 'doodle' from this period- the theme was sex, so it's not just the result of my dirty subconscious; I drew it to submit to a art zine/magazine.



One of my postcard designs from 2003. I printed these with my printer on fancy paper, hand cut them & sold them for €1 each at exhibitions and in shops.

A page from one of my first strips for Decadence.

Below are some sketches from the area:




This last sketch is from the village of Miravet; probably my favorite village in that area. The photo below the sketch is the view from the castle of Miravet. I sold the sketches locally.

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