Five Wounds. Clay Heads

Clay heads of four of the five protagonists of 'Five Wounds', created as drawing reference.


Tamara la Flipá

Mis primeras páginas de mi primer comic en castellano: Tamara la Flipá

Alien Onion

Sep 09: Thanks to those lovely people at Alien Onion for their great write-up on Five Wounds. Exciting stuff!:

Publication of 'Pistols! Treason! Murder!' in the US.

To celebrate the publication of the US edition of 'Pistols! Treason! Murder!' by the Johns Hopkins University Press, author Jonathan Walker will be posting articles on his blog discussing the book's themes and influences: www.jonathanwalkersblog.com.

Decadence 7

Decadence 7 is out and it's a 68 page anthology! www.decadencecomics.com. This is page one & two of my contribution.

Tree building

An A2 'automatic drawing', I had reference material at hand, mainly 'Nature and Architecture' by Paolo Portoghesi and sketches made in the woods. I began working up from the roots.

Pistols! Treason! Murder! (gimmicks)

May 08: Zoë Sadokierski (Five Wound's graphic designer) wrote a article discussing the graphic elements used in Pistols! : http://zoesadokierski.blogspot.com/2008/05/pistols-treason-murder-gimmicks.html


May 08: Jason Andrews, the editor of 'Dragonfly- The Magazine of the South East Wales Hand Gliding & Paragliding Club' interviewed me for their magazine, for which I drew the cover illustrations.

Blanket- issue8

'I Made This'; the theme for issue 8 of 'Blanket', a bi-monthly free PDF magazine aiming at uncovering new and emerging creative talent in the areas of art, design and photography. http://blanketmagazine.com/


Here is my design entered at 'Threadless'. Voting has stopped and it didn't win, but received some nice comments. http://www.threadless.com/submission/133222/What_the/showmore,designs

Biocube- Speakerdog series3

I have customized one of Ben the Illustrator's 'Speakerdogs' into a rain forest inspired 'Biocube'. You can download the template to create your own (it prefers recycled paper) .Look out for it's fishy underworld.


Decadence 5

Aug 07: Decadence number 5 is out and comes with the free CD 'We Fucked Everything' created by, Decadence forefather, Lando himself . Also look out for my own contributions in this special issue. www.decadencecomics.com

Computer Arts 137

June 2007: Illustrations created for Jonathan Walker's 'Pistols! Treason! Murder!' and 'Five Wounds' are showcased in Computer Arts magazine issue 137. 

Fashion & Textiles.

A selection of print designs I created during 2004 to 2015, whilst working in the fast fashion industry of Barcelona. 

Other blog posts related to Fashion and print design:

Personal Pattern Designs: