Gramarye- A review of Five Wounds: An Illuminated Novel, Robin Furth.

Robin Furth, the author of the Dark Tower Concordance & co-author of Marvel's Dark Tower comics, has written a review of 'Five Wounds' for "Gramarye: The Journal of the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy".

"erudite, gruesome, and self-consciously postmodern"

Robin Furth's very in-depth review of Five Wounds is both constructively critical and encouraging.

You can learn more about the Gramarye journal here:


See also: 'Five Wounds: A Fairy Tale'- Jonathan Walker's blog.


Pattern- Metro.

A pattern inspired by the designs on the tiles of my local underground metro station. 

The ceramics in the Fontana station are part of it's original decoration from the 1920. (photo from wikimedia).


Illustration- Filogis Newsletter.

A short comic strip recently created for the newsletter of 'Filogis Multilingual Services', accompanying an article on the importance of coherence in translated text.


J.M. Donellan, Five Wounds.

Thanks to JM Donellan for this review of 'Five Wounds' in '100 Books A Year 2014 part II'.

For those intrigued; you can download the first chapter of Five Wounds from Jonathan Walker's website.